Governing Council papers January 2012

The next meeting of the Governing Council will be held at 2.00 pm on Monday 16 January 2012 at the offices of the Lancashire Football Association, Thurston Road, Leyland (directions attached).

The agenda for the meeting is set out below.



1.    Apologies for absence

2.    Declarations of interest

3.    Chairman’s Report Item 3 [pdf] 29KB

4.    Case Note Digitisation – Presentation by Jan Hodges, Chief Information Officer

5.    Minutes of the meeting held on 10 October 2011 Item5 [pdf] 53KB

6.    Matters arising

7.    Appointment of External Auditor – Stephen Bullock,
      Chair of Audit Committee/Paul Havey, Finance Director in attendance Item7 [pdf] 13KB

8.    Trust Performance (Board Performance Report to 30 November 2012 Item8 [pdf] 6MB

9.    Annual Plan Review 2012/13 and Annual Report 2011/12 Item9 [pdf] 19KB 

10. Membership and Elections Update Item10 [pdf] 62KB

11. Nominations Committee

a.    Minutes of the meeting held on 8 December 2011Item11a [pdf] 25KB 
b.    Appointment of Non-Executive Directors Item11b[pdf] 26KB 
c.    Process for Annual Review of Trust Chairman Item11c [pdf] 23KB

12.    Governing Council Groups

a.    Membership and Communication Group – notes of the meeting held on 1 November 2011
      Item12a [pdf] 35KB

b.    Patient Experience Group meeting – notes of the meeting held on 8 November 2011
       Item12b [pdf] 33KB 

c.    Buildings and Environment Group
i.    Notes of the meeting held on 17 October 2011Item12ci [pdf] 38KB 
ii.    Notes of the meeting held on 6 December 2011Item12cii.pdf [pdf] 30KB

d.    Human Resources Group – notes of the meeting held on 15 December 2011 Item12d [pdf] 25KB 

e.    Incubator Appeal Group Update Item12e [pdf] 33KB

13.    Car Parking for People with a Disability – to discuss concerns raised by Governors

14.    Any other important business

15.    Date of next meeting – 16 April 2012 (formal meeting)

16.    Exclusion of the public