Good news from the Emergency Department

Recognition for dementia: Allyson Rigby, one of our Emergency Department Senior Healthcare Assistants, has introduced new wristbands to make it clear which patients have dementia. The wristbands, worn by patients living with dementia, now feature the ‘Forget Me Not’ flower; the nationally recognised symbol for dementia. When a patient is wearing one of those wristbands, our staff know that they have dementia and are to use their dementia training when dealing with the patient. Being chosen as one of the Royal College of Nursing’s 100 projects will give Allyson the opportunity to introduce this initiative into other NHS Trusts. Allyson said: “The adaptation to patient wristbands alerts staff to use dementia training, ensuring person-centred care that’s adapted to their individual needs – preventing unnecessary distress. It is a privilege to be chosen by the Royal College of Nursing and to have the opportunity to spread this initiative across the country, with the hopes of helping to prevent a stressful hospital visit for patients with dementia, their carers, and their families.”

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Allyson Rigby dementia wristbands

Dementia wristband