Good news

Mohammed Munavvar

Dr Mohammed Munavvar, our Respiratory Consultant, has been appointed the President (Elect) of the European Association of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (EABIP.)

He has been working as the Secretary of the EABIP for the past two years, and was elected to the post of President-Elect last month. In this role, he will be responsible for driving and coordinating educational, as well as research initiatives, in conjunction with other members of the executive committee. This is the first time that a UK Chest Physician has been appointed to this post.

The EABIP is an organisation with members from all over the world, which promotes education and research in the field of advanced, minimal accesskeyhole procedures for lung conditions. It organises European and worldwide conferences and courses to evaluate, educate and exchange knowledge in the field.

Dr Munavvar’s elevation to the post of President-Elect provides further opportunities for scientific collaboration with other centres in Europe and beyond in the evaluation of cutting edge technologies with a view to bringing them to our hospitalsand making them available to our patients.

Dr Munavvar said: I found it truly humbling to be appointed as the President-Elect of EABIP. I consider it a fitting reward and recognition for the tremendous hard work of the entire multidisciplinary team involved with the practice of Interventional Pulmonology at our hospitals, especially my nursing colleagues in the endoscopy unit at our Preston site. The organisation is considered a national/international referral and training centre in Interventional Pulmonology. I am truly excited about assuming the post of President, and hope to expand and enhance the collaborative clinical, educational and research work that we carry out across Europe, for the benefit of our patients.”