General Medicine

Acute Medicine

Investigation for pulmonary embolism [pdf] 320KB


24hr Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring CDH [pdf] 175KB
24hr Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring RPH [pdf] 175KB
24hr Blood Pressure Recording CDH [pdf] 177KB
24hr Blood Pressure Recording RPH [pdf] 178KB
Autonomic Function Testing [pdf] 174KB
Advice for patients recovering from a heart attack [pdf] 370KB
Coronary Angiogram Radial Approach [pdf] 160KB 
Discharge advice following a coronary angiogram (Femoral approach) [pdf] 174KB
Discharge advice following a coronary angiogram (Radial approach) [pdf] 172KB
Discharge advice following external cardioversion [pdf] 663KB
Discharge advice following insertion of a pacemaker [pdf] 187KB
Echocardiogram CDH [pdf] 174KB
Echocardiogram RPH [pdf] 174KB
Exercise Tolerance Test CDH [pdf] 177KB
Exercise Tolerance Test RPH [pdf] 176KB
Loop recorders [pdf] 228KB
Rapid Access Chest Pain Test CDH [pdf] 157KB
Rapid Access Chest Pain Test RPH [pdf] 157KB
Referral to the Valve Clinic [pdf] 156KB
Trans Oesophageal Echocardiogram [pdf] 159KB
Why do I need a coronary angiogram [pdf] 383KB
Wound care advice following insertion of a cardiac device [pdf] 183KB


Arginine Stimulation Test [pdf] 200KB
Glucagon Stimulation Test [pdf] 203KB
Hyperthyroidism [pdf] 210KB
Insulin Tolerance Test [pdf] 205KB
Long Term Steroid Sick Day Rules [pdf] 200KB
Primary Hypothyroidism [pdf] 203KB
Short Synacthen Test [pdf] 207KB


Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease [pdf] 719KB

General medicine

Alcohol advice [pdf] 213KB
Alcohol and driving [pdf] 209KB
Pressure Ulcer Prevention [pdf] 463KB
DNACPR [pdf] 257KB
Harm Free Care [pdf] 152KB
VTE [pdf] 164KB


Neuro-rehab unit [pdf] 348KB

Respiratory medicine

Home Ventilation [pdf] 378KB
Non Tuberculous Mycobacterial Pulmonary Disease [pdf] 181KB
Lancashire Chest Centre [pdf] 700KB

Pain management

RAPS [pdf] 165KB


Stroke Rehabilitation Ward - Rookwood B [pdf] 255KB
Acute Stroke Ambulatory Care Information [pdf] 249KB
Stroke e-learning leaflet [pdf] 311KB