2014 Elections


1st April 2014



The report of voting in the above election, which closed at 5pm on Monday 31st March 2014, is as follows.

 Number of eligible voters: 15,413
Votes cast by post: 2,127  
Votes cast online: 554  
Total number of votes cast: 2,681
Turnout: 17.4%
Number of votes found to be invalid: 26
Total number of valid votes to be counted: 2,655


Result (10 to elect) The election was conducted using the single transferable vote electoral system


The following candidates were elected (in order of election):-

EDWARDS, Stephen James

COOMBES, Melville (Mel)

CULSHAW, Vivianne R.E

ACKROYD, Gillian Mary


LEAHEY, Nicola



HAYTON, Dylis Barbara

FORRESTER, Margaret Mary



Staff: Nursing & Midwives

Staff: Nursing and Midwives
Number of eligible voters: 2,324
Votes cast by post: 176  
Votes cast online: 68  
Total number of votes cast: 244
Number of votes found to be invalid: 0
Total number of valid votes to be counted 244

The following candidate was elected:-




To view the Electoral Reform Services Report of voting please click the following link

Report of voting 01 04 14 [pdf] 115KB

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Our governors

Our governors play a key role in making sure the views of both public and staff members are considered when developing services.  Their duties range from representing both our members and the general public’s views right through to appointing the Chair and non-Executive Directors of the Trust.

2014 will see a whopping 23 potential candidates battle it out for the 12 available seats on the Council of Governors.

We are proud to announce that this year we are one of the first Trusts in the country to be participating in a national pilot scheme aimed at rolling out electronic voting to our members.  Electronic voting will enable members to vote in a quicker more simpler way whilst at the same time enable us to run the elections more cost effectively.  Take a look at our dedicated web page by clicking this link

Or by clicking the screenshot of our electronic voting page below

Election Microsite

To see a list of candidates who have put their names forward for the elections please click the following link  Statement of Nominated Candidates 20.02.14 [pdf] 111KB .

Key dates in the election process

Application forms available

Friday 17 January 2014

Deadline for applications

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Final date for candidate withdrawal

Monday 24 February 2014

Voting packs dispatched

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Results announced

Tuesday 1 April 2014

The formal notice of election can be viewed by clicking this link
Notice of Election 2014 [pdf] 127KB