Dipankar Mukherjee

Dr MukherjeeJob Title: Consultant Paediatric Audiovestibular Physician

Department: Paediatric Audiology

Telephone Number: 01772 401312

Primary Medical Qualifications: MBBS

Other Qualifications: DCH (London) DCCH (Edinburgh) MSc-Audiological Medicine (Manchester)

Year of Registration: 1976

GMC Number: 2315412

Career History: Has worked across a range of specialties including cardiology, general medicine and paediatrics, general surgery, elderly medicine, paediatrics, paediatric surgery, community child health, audiological medicine. Worked for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for 13 years

Specialist Areas: Hyperacusis; hearing in childhood autism; difficult to test children; developmentally delayed children; children with balance problems

Specialist Interests: Hyperacusis and balance; conductive hearing problems including glue ears; sensorineural hearing loss; children with multiple disabilities

Research Interests: Hearing aids in children with glue ears; hyperacusis; childhood autism

Clinics: Paediatric Audiology Clinic

Languages Spoken: English; Hindi; Urdu; Bengali; Assamese; Sylheti