Digital appointment letters

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals offers the majority of our patients the ability to receive their outpatient appointment letter digitally. This will be delivered via a text message directly to the patient’s mobile phone with the number they have registered with the Trust. This new way of receiving an appointment letter will mean that patients will be able to view all of their appointment details on their smartphone, tablet or computer. Once received, the appointment can then be added directly into the patient’s digital calendar as a further reminder too.

The provider of our digital letters is Healthcare Communications

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How it works

The system is safe and secure and can only be accessed with the PIN and the patients’ date of birth. As well as the appointment date and time, the letter also includes any pre-assessment instructions, essential reading and hospital information as attachments.

If the digital letter is not accessed within 24 hours or no mobile number is held, then a postal letter will be automatically sent, and the digital letter deleted.

These digital letters can greatly improve our patient experience by

  • Allowing patients to access their appointment information anytime and anywhere by smartphone, tablet and desktop. Details can be emailed and printed off too.
  • The appointment can be added directly into the patient’s digital calendar to reduce the risk of forgetting their appointment and keep their treatment on track.
  • Working out travel plans with a live home to hospital Google map with real time travel times.
  • Adding speech, reading and translation options to digital text. The letter content can be read aloud in multiple languages to the patient too!

Please watch the video below to demonstrate how the digital letters can help you.

Frequently asked questions

Q: If someone has my phone can they access my letter?

A: The patient portal features an additional level of security in that Date of Birth verification is required to access your appointment letter.

Q: What if I don’t have a smartphone?

You will still receive a text message but won’t be able to access the portal link. A letter will automatically be sent to you. 

Q: If I delete the text by mistake after I have opened it up how will I remember my appointment date?

A: As well as the initial appointment communication, we will also operate an appointment reminder service to ensure patients remember the key details of their upcoming appointment. Once you have confirmed your appointment on your phone it will automatically link to your mobile phone calendar and we’ll also send you a reminder text closer to the time of your appointment.

Q: Can I opt out of receiving it?

A: You can opt out of text messaging at any time by speaking to a member of staff when arriving for your hospital appointment.

Q: When will a physical letter be sent out if I do not access the digital letter?

A: If you do not access your letter on your mobile phone for whatever reason within 24 hours of receiving your text link, the system sends you a postal letter, which you should expect to receive within two days.