Critical Care Unit

The Critical Care Unit is one of the largest in the North West and cares for patients who require more support or additional observation than can be provided in a general ward.

Critical care multi disciplinary team

Critically ill patients may need sedation, support for breathing, multiple infusions of medications and fluids, complex monitoring or supportive treatments such as renal dialysis.  Critically ill patients usually receive one to one care from a dedicated nurse.

Critical care staff

Patients in the Critical Care Unit can usually be visited between 2pm and 8pm, but if you want to visit at other times please speak with staff who will make arrangements with you to suit your needs. 

Quality Awards 2015

The winner of the ‘Caring’ category was our Sleep Improvement programme that has been developed in the Critical Care unit. This initiative was deigned to help critical care patients sleep as much as possible to aid recovery; the programme includes actions such as turning lights off in bed areas and staff having conversations quietly and away from the patient bedside.