Critical Care Testimonials

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Dr. Neha Singhal

Dr. Neha Singhal I started my career at Preston Hospital as a Specialty Doctor with the critical care team. When I first started, I stayed within hospital accommodation which allowed me to meet more people who were in a similar position to me. I was very fortunate to receive lots of support from all of my colleagues. I received timely and constructive feedback from my supervisor throughout my time in the team, as well as from the consultants that I was working with which helped me to acknowledge my areas of improvement. I was offered the opportunity to work on my academic goals and supported immensely by whoever I approached.

This was my first job, and it was a very pleasant journey. The wonderful memories of working with the team will always be with me. Dr. Neha Singhal

“I applied for a job as a Specialty Doctor at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals among other job opportunities across different NHS hospitals. I was accepted in several posts but I chose Lancashire Teaching Hospitals following the advice and positive feedback of different colleagues. I have to say that I found the critical care department to exceed all of my expectations. I found the team to be welcoming, supportive and patient; with a great understanding of the needs of overseas doctors starting their careers in the NHS. Now, I am an intensive care trainee in the North West. I requested to start my first rotation at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals where I first started my career in the NHS. I would be delighted to work with the critical care team again if the opportunity arose.” Dr. Tarek

Dr. Mohammed Hatab

Dr Mohammed Hatab “I was working as a specialist in the intensive care unit in Sultan Qaabos University Hospital in Oman, before coming to Lancashire Teaching Hospitals in June 2015 on the medical training initiative scheme. The staff at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals were very friendly and provided me with excellent guidance; both clinically and also with the steps required to integrate into the NHS training program. I passed my MRCP during this time and was also successful at gaining a training number in intensive care medicine.” Dr Mohammed Hatab