Critical Care Service

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Our team provides intensive treatment and close monitoring of patients who are seriously ill, or who need intensive care following surgery.

We look after patients who have organ failure, are unable to breathe unaided, have a serious short term condition such as heart attack or stroke, a serious infection such as sepsis, have serious injuries, or who have had major surgery.

The majority of the patients that our service looks after need emergency treatment, and the remainder require intensive care following planned surgery. Critically ill patients may need sedation, support for breathing, multiple infusions of medications and fluids, complex monitoring or supportive treatments such as renal dialysis.

Critically ill patients usually receive one to one care from a dedicated nurse. We look after more than 1600 patients every year, in the 28 bed critical care unit at Preston Hospital, and 4 bed high dependency unit at Chorley Hospital.

Our award winning, state-of-the-art electronic patient record system is a flagship model for the UK, as we are the only hospitals utilising the system for a complete paperless approach outside of the USA. We recently scored 5.2 on the electronic medical record adoption model, which is higher than the average scores for other UK and European healthcare organisations. This shows we have a firm foundation for the future of digital innovation and adoption for the delivery of clinical services at the organisation.

We are adopting the latest technology through a staggered purchase of 30 Hamilton-S1 ventilators (6 already in active use), and hand held portable ultra-sound scanners to allow rapid near-patient diagnostics. In addition, we have the full range of advanced airway devices, dialysis machines, continuous electroencephalography and cardiac output monitors expected of a leading critical care unit. We submit data to the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre (ICNARC). This includes our unit case mix, length of ICU and hospital stay, infection rates and mortality

Our award winning, state-of-the-art electronic patient record system is a flagship model for the UK