Contact the Safe centre

The SAFE Centre offers medical examination, advice and support to women, men and children who have experienced sexual assault or rape.
How can you access this service?

Via the Police (call 999 or contact your nearest police station)

As a self referral (16yrs and over only)

Via your GP/local hospital

Via any other appropriate agency

If you wish the police to be involved they will invite you to attend the Centre for medical examination if necessary.

If you do not want to contact the police, you can call the Centre on the above number and speak to a Crisis worker any time of the day or night.
If you wish to be referred via another source, (e.g. A&E, GUM, GP, Victim Support or any voluntary agency) they can arrange for you to access our service.
What Services are available?
Forensic Medical Examination:

This takes place with your consent, and an examiner will look at all parts of your body but it will be done in a sensitive and respectful way. Specimens*, such as swabs or a urine/blood test may be taken at this time.
*It is important that these be taken as soon as possible after the event to ensure that relevant evidence is not lost.
The Centre Crisis Worker or a friend/relative can stay with you during the examination if you wish.

The examiner will also provide preventative treatment where necessary for HIV and Hepatitis B, including a referral to your local GUM clinic or GP.

Advice on:

Pregnancy - If this is a concern following rape, the examiner can provide/prescribe medication during your examination.

Sexually transmitted infections - Further to your examination the examiner will offer advice and can refer you to your local GUM clinic.

Local Support Agencies available, such as counselling services. We can also give details of services outside the area we cover.

Any other issues relating to sexual assault and rape

Support and assistance:

Through criminal proceedings.
We can explain the legal system to you and liaise with the police and court on your behalf. We can also put you in touch with the Witness Support Service (part of Victim Support) at the court building.

Criminal Injuries compensation claims. 
You may be able to claim for criminal injuries compensation. We can explain this system to you and help you fill in the form, or we can put you in touch with your local Victim Support or Citizens Advice Bureau who also offer this service.

A member of the team will be available day or night by calling our telephone support and information line - 01772 523344. If we cannot speak with you straight away, we will ring you back as soon as possible.