Consent to Photography

The photographs are taken at your doctor or nurse’s request. They will explain to you the reason for the request and ask you to sign a consent form to show that you agree to the photographs being taken and used.

In the case of minors, the parent or guardian is required to sign the consent form on the behalf of the child.

There are three levels of consent:

  • Record only means that the photographs will be kept in your clinical records and may only be used by clinical staff involved with your treatment or clinical assessment.
  • Teaching means that your photographs may be used for teaching trainee doctors and other medical staff.
  • Publication consent - your doctor might also ask you whether we can use the photographs for another 'specified purpose'. This might, for example, be publication in a book or medical journal. In this case you should know the exact publication in which your picture(s) will be used. Often your doctor will not know until sometime later that a photograph is needed for a publication, so in these cases he or she will contact you to ask for your permission

You have the right to withdraw consent at any time, even after the photographs have been taken. If this is the case then please contact the Medical Illustration Department.