What we do


Chaplains are available to patients, relatives and staff at any time to:

  • Listen and talk to those of any faith and none
  • Pray with or for people
  • Meet sacramental needs, i.e. Communion, anointing, hearing Confession.
  • Help individual place their illness in the context of their lives - to find consolation or meaning in pain, suffering and confusion
  • Discuss their feelings, anxieties and fears and those of their family (both spoken and unspoken)
  • Offer time and space for spiritual reflection – to bring out an individual’s own hidden strengths, which can lead to a sense of wholeness and inner healing
  • Share people’s happiness as well as sadness
  • Look forward to the future with hope
  • Spiritual care to dying patients and their families, anointing, sacrament of the sick, prayer
  • Spiritual care and support to the bereaved
  • Religious or non-religious funerals  
  • Memorial services
  • Access to and liaison with clergy of particular religious faiths or denominations as required
  • Weekly prayers for patients and the hospital community
  • Advocacy for patients as necessary

All chaplains can be contacted, through ward staff, via the Switchboard.