Car Parking Patient FAQs

I have previously been exempt from parking charges, does this mean I now have to pay?

Yes, under our new policy there are no exemptions made. Previously some patients and their carers or relatives were not required to pay for parking, however many other patients in similar situations of needing to regularly visit one of our sites or attend for long periods of time told us this was unfair on them as they were not exempt. Therefore this new policy provides better equity for all patients who we believe should benefit from concessionary parking.

Who exactly is eligible for a concessionary rate?

If as part of your care you are required to regularly visit one of our sites or attend for long periods of time when you do visit then you will be eligible for the concessionary rate. More details on who is eligible can be found here.

How much is the concessionary rate?

The concessions parking charge is £2.50 per day.

How have you calculated this daily charge?

The rate is the lowest rate chargeable for visits of between one and two hours.  For patients with serious conditions and their visitors who would be eligible to apply for a concession, the likely time being spent at hospital will exceed two hours and therefore attract a higher charge.

And, where does the money you make go?

We are strong in the belief that funds for our car parking infrastructure should not come from budgets for patient care so all monies generated from our charges are reinvested into the maintenance and future development of our car parks, including an improved security and carpark management system. Any surplus money will be reinvested back into patient care and services.

Will increasing concessionary charges just encourage more people to park off-site and create more congestion in local streets?

Previous feedback has indicated to us that the reason people park on local streets is because they can’t find a space, rather than they refuse to pay parking charges.  So, we are developing short and medium term plans to increase the number of carpark spaces, especially at Royal Preston Hospital.  We will work with local residents and local authorities to monitor the impact of this change on local residential streets.