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Maternity - bereavement services Having a baby can be one of the most exciting events in our lives. Unfortunately, however, a small number of babies will be miscarried, stillborn or die soon after birth. The death of a baby can be a devastating experience and the effects of grief overwhelming.  Whilst the loss affects the whole family and their friends, the mother is especially vulnerable as she must cope with both the emotional turmoil of losing her baby and the physical process of birth. 

The Women’s Health Bereavement team offers support to all families where a baby has died, whether during pregnancy or after birth.  We are committed to supporting each individual journey through bereavement, ensuring that the loss of a baby is treated with respect, and always accepting the existence of different cultures, beliefs, traditions and values.  One of the bereavement team, along with midwife and nurse colleagues, will guide the family through their bereavement journey, providing information and creating time and space to make memories with their baby.  We provide an essential point of contact for families during this difficult time.

We also offer contact with a specialist midwife/nurse who is a trained counsellor. 


Sadly due to the pandemic we are not able to hold our remembrance service at the hospital,  but we have prepared a virtual SERVICE OF REFLECTION AND REMEMBRANCE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED THE LOSS OF A BABY  - We warmly invite you and your family to watch the service, taking time to remember your little one, in the comfort of your own home surrounded by those you love.

Baby Loss Memorial Service

A Symbol of Hope

The Legend of the Butterfly

Those few weeks

To lose a child


Specialist midwife / Counsellor:                        01772 524575

Womens Health bereavement liaison officer:     01772 523655



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SANDS                                           Tel:  020 7436 5881

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The Child Bereavement Trust          Tel: 01494 446648

Miscarriage Association                 Tel: 01924 200799

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