Antenatal services are provided at both Chorley and South Ribble Hospital and Royal Preston Hospital.

Pregnant woman having scan with radiographer and birth partner

The obstetric ultrasound department provides a range of scans including nuchal translucency as part of the first trimester screening for Down’s syndrome, full anatomy scans of the baby between 19-21 weeks gestation as well as growth scans, and other scans as required.  Amniocentesis is available to support diagnosis of Down’s syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.

Our obstetric consultants each have a specialist interest and we run a range of antenatal clinics :

  • Endocrine ANC (e.g. women with thyroid disease) and a joint diabetic/ANC weekly
  • Specialist clinic for women with mental health issues
  • Multiple births
  • Complex and high risk pregnancy
  • Premature labour risk
  • Obstetric anaesthetics for high risk women

We also provide a range of other services and treatment for pregnant women including :

  • Glucose tolerance tests
  • Prophylactic Anti D clinics for Rhesus negative women at 28-30 weeks
  • Flu clinics (in flu season)
  • ECV (external cephalic version) service to massage babies in the breech position to the head presenting position
  • Blood tests


Our specialist midwifery team provides additional care for women who may be vulnerable or need extra support including diabetic women, teenagers, women with substance misuse problems, women experiencing domestic violence, women with mental health problems, and when there may be safeguarding issues.

The maternity day unit provides outpatient care seven days a week which you can access directly if you are worried about yourself or your baby, or via referral from your GP or midwife.