Anaesthetic information

Epidural infusion discharge advice [pdf] 159KB
General Anaesthetic or Sedation - Day case [pdf] 210KB
Discharge advice following nerve block [pdf] 183KB
Discharge advice following sedation [pdf] 183KB
Discharge advice spinal anaesthetic [pdf] 183KB
Local Anaesthetic [pdf] 191KB

Preparing for your operation

Anaesthesia explained - this leaflet explains in detail how the team at the hospital will prepare you for an anaesthetic and what you can expect before, during and after an operation. 
Anaesthesia explained

Fitter Better Sooner –  this leaflet will give you general advice on what you can do to get the best outcome from your surgery.
Preparing for surgery Fitter Better Sooner

You and Your anaesthetic – a range of patient information leaflets with information about different types of anaesthetic and surgeries
You and your anaesthetic - patient information leaflets and video resources

Your anaesthetic for major planned surgery -this leaflet is for anyone expecting to have a major operation who has been informed that they are likely to need to stay in the high dependency unit (HDU) or intensive care unit (ICU) after their surgery.
Your anaesthetic for major surgery - with planned high dependency or intensive care afterwards

Critical Care Unit

Critical care unit - visitors information leaflet - being updated

Paediatric anaesthetic

Child under anaesthetic MRI leaflet [pdf] 239KB
Your child's general anaesthetics Leaflet - From the Royal College of Anaesthetists
Information for children, parents and carers
My Daycase Operation - Child