About your visit

During your visit

There is a nurse on duty. If you are a diabetic please inform the nurse of your medical and food requirements and bring your own insulin if you need to take it regularly. Light refreshments may be bought at the cafe. You may, however, wish to bring food with you that you can eat in the waiting area.

Preston Business Centre is a "no smoking" building and you will not be able to smoke whilst you are in the Centre.

If there is anything you do not understand or are not sure of, please do not hesitate to ask before you leave the Centre.

If you wish, we will contact a relative or friend about the progress of your treatment.

Wheelchair clinics

Wheelchair clinics are regularly held at Preston, Blackpool, Accrington, Lancaster, Nelson, Barrow and Kendal.

If we need to see you with your wheelchair we will let you know and make arrangements with the Hospital Transport Service, if appropriate. Otherwise you will not be able to bring your own wheelchair. We do, however, provide them at the Centre for your use whilst you are here.

Wheelchair deliveries and repairs

All deliveries, collections, repairs and maintenance to our wheelchairs are carried out by our contractor. If your wheelchair needs attention you should contact your contractor, but if you have any problems please give us a ring. You will find the telephone number of your contractor and the Specialist Mobility Rehabilitation Centre in your wheelchair user handbook, or located on your wheelchair.

Prosthetic services

On your first appointment a primary assessment will take place with our consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you and you us. We will accompany you during your examination with the consultant and liaise with the physiotherapist, occupational therapist, limb fitter and reception desk, if necessary on your behalf.

Specialist nurses are involved in liaising with the wards and visiting patients at regional Hospitals who have undergone an amputation, but have not yet been referred to/attended the Centre.

We provide a 'clinic' service, encompassing all aspects of wound/stump care. In order for us to provide continuity of service please let us know if you are being treated by your district/practice nurse and bring the relevant dressings with you if possible. We also provide a counselling service for patients, carers and relatives.

Orthotic Clinics

Orthotic patients can be seen at either SMRC or Chorley Hospital for assessment.